Viacross Collaboration Shafts


grindworks is proud to introduce a special collaboration with top Japanese shaft maker Nippon Shaft. The new VIACROSS high performance shafts melds the creative and manufacturing processes of both Nippon Shaft and our sister shaft brand A.Japa as well as both our beliefs that the shaft is the engine that drives each and every golf club.

VIACROSS is designed for players who want shafts that produce the feel and kick of a graphite shaft matched with the control and stability of an steel shaft. Automatic performance and ease of use are key features of VIACROSS thanks to light weight, mid to higher torque, and high quality materials and design. At the same time, easy to swing and use mean nothing if your shots aren’t straight and accurate so we designed the shaft to be stable through the impact zone without taking away the key strengths of a graphite shaft, feel and kick.


There are 3 types of VIACROSS models:

For Fairway Woods, consisting of FW6000 (Stiff), FW5000 (Regular), FW4000 (Soft Regular/Senior). The VIACROSS FW shaft is designed to produce a great sense of feel and acceleration. Players can easily load the shafts for a powerful release through the impact zone. The cross carbon design allows the shaft to produce awesome distance performance without sacrificing stability. In this day and age where players typically rely on fairway woods for their distance performance, the VIACROSS shafts allow golfers to swing naturally without worrying about timing.

For Utilities, consisting of UT6000 (Stiff), UT5000 (Regular), UT4000 (Soft Regular/Senior). The VIACROSS UT shaft is designed to produce all-around performance which allow golfers to not only gain distance but also experience confident control and stability. Go for the green knowing you will hit a straight and accurate shot thanks to the UT shaft’s special design featuring cross carbon weaves intertwined with straight line reinforcing carbon strands.

For Irons, featuring IR4000 (R2/Senior) an ultra light wight shaft made for slower swingers and seniors. VIACROSS Iron uses Nippon’s Constant Weighting concept to ensure consistency in each shaft’s feel and performance across the entire set. The light weight helps players maintain or increase their swing speed without extra effort.  The mid to higher torque allow the shafts to produce exceptional feel, allowing players to feel the iron shaft load and release through impact with a powerful kick. To ensure stability, VIACROSS features a stiffer tip section which makes sure the head doesn’t over rotate before impact and also to ensure there is not too much spin, especially in the longer and mid irons which could cause ballooning and rob players of distance. The stiffer tip is matched with a stiffer butt section using our cross carbon weave to ensure control and direction. Complimenting the mid to higher torque is a slightly softer mid section which allows the shaft to store energy through a players backswing and coil, and then providing a powerful release through the impact zone.


Light weight, ultra easy, ultra long. The A.Japa and Nippon Shaft collaboration, VIACROSS.

Use VIACROSS with grindworks heads for awesome results or enhance the performance of your current clubs or new builds with VIACROSS!